Share the Facts About Gender-Based Violence

Raise awareness about the many forms of violence against women and girls–including but not limited to–intimate partner violence, sex trafficking, and rape culture.

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The Problem
1 in 3 women experience violence from their partners in their lifetime. Safe Horizon

A woman is beaten EVERY NINE SECONDS in the United States. DVS

The average age a teen enters the sex trade in the U.S. is 12 to 14 years old. Many victims are runaway girls who were sexually abused as children. ASPE

The Solution
Talking about gender-based violence helps to erase stigma and shows survivors that they will be supported. Start a discussion with friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors to raise awareness.

How You Can Help
Educate yourself and others. Post facts about violence against women and girls on social media to raise awareness.

What You'll Get

1. Factoids that can be easily shared on Facebook and Twitter

2. Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficking, and Teen Dating Violence Infographics





With the help of the Live Your Dream Awards, Tyra Wright earned her business degree and started her own organization to help fellow survivors of domestic violence.