Post Flyers to Raise Awareness About Trafficking

Print and share flyers about trafficking warning signs and resources for survivors.

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The Problem
About 89 – 96% of prostituted women want to exit prostitution but cannot due to a lack of healthcare, money, education, and other basic resources. The New Face of Slavery

The Solution
Help trafficking survivors seek opportunities for financial independence. The Live Your Dream Awards offer women a chance to improve their education, skills and employment prospects, thereby leading to greater autonomy over their economic and social well-being.

How You Can Help
Print and post flyers about trafficking warning signs, hotline information, and financial resources for survivors in your community—including the Live Your Dream Awards!

What you'll get:

1. A printable flyer PDF

2. Ideas for where to post flyers 


Terriea Wadud
$15,000 Award Recipient

"Now I have a purpose. I will continue to create a safe space for others to do their healing and transformational work."