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Spread the word to help women seeking financial assistance to go back to school.

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The Problem
Single motherhood and lack of college degree are the strongest indicators of poverty. Of American single mothers under 30, only 7% have a college degree. The Shriver Report

The Solution
Help women gain access to financial resources to go back to school. Spread the word about Live Your Dream: Education & Training Awards for Women.

How You Can Help
Use your influence on social media to share information about the Live Your Dream Awards, including the application.

What You'll Get

Ready-to-share impact stats about the Live Your Dream Awards (including a link to the application) that can easily be shared on Facebook and Twitter!




Christina Valadez
$15,000 Award Recipient

For Christina, the Live Your Dream Awards meant financial stability to take care of her younger siblings and four kids of her own. Now, she can focus on her dream of getting her degree in Nursing.