Pledge to Help Girls Live Their Dreams

What would you say to the girls in your life? Take the pledge to help her shape her own path and live her dreams.

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The Pledge

I pledge to celebrate her uniqueness… she was born to be herself. 

I pledge to be a role model for the girls in my life, to teach them the power of self-love…

not selfish love, but the kind of love that acts as armor against the worst sticks & stones. 

I pledge to help her shape her own path, to challenge herself to defy limits. 

I pledge to urge her to unplug, go outside and breathe… to seek peace in places that make her feel calm and safe. 

I pledge to encourage her to seek leadership opportunities, to not shy away from healthy risks. 

I pledge to refuse silence when I see or hear bullying words of hate...

to show her how to be brave and speak up, even if her voice shakes. 

I pledge to celebrate her joyful moments, to let her light shine and revel every bright smile. 

I pledge to support her in her quest to live her dreams!




The Problem
Around the world, girls face similar obstacles: self-esteem, body image, family obligations and expectations, abuse and exploitation, violence and bullying, and insufficient adult and peer support.

The Solution
Providing adolescent girls with motivation, direction and guidance is one of the most powerful ways to help them overcome barriers, navigate opportunities and change their lives.

How You Can Help
Pledge to be an advocate for girls–to celebrate her uniqueness, help her shape her own path and live her dreams!