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Learn about the struggles that LGBTQ girls face and how we can support them.

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The Problem

Being a teenager can be difficult, and LGBTQ girls face even more adversity: bullying, mental health issues, even violence at much higher rates than their peers. These problems are made worse when they don't have supportive families or communities to turn to.

The Solution

LGBTQ girls need an affirming community, guidance, and resources for a healthy future — what Dream It, Be It provides. The program has reached 35,000+ girls in 14 countries, giving them practical tools to find support, explore self care, and empower themselves toward a thriving future.

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Dream It, Be It is a curriculum-based program tailored to helping teenage girls identify their personal values, explore career options, create achievable goals, turn failures into successes, balance stress and put their dreams into action. In doing so, it helps break cycles of poverty, violence and abuse.

Dream It, Be It is offered by Soroptimist International of the Americas, a global nonprofit that serves women and girls and powers LiveYourDream.org.